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SaidDisturbed, "It is with tremendous pride, joy, and anticipation that we look forward to sharing the next chapter in the creative life of Disturbed with the world. This record is truly unique, and very special to us, and we can only hope that upon listening to it, that the world will feel the same. The record showcases the most adventurous and eclectic combination of musical styles and moods that we''ve ever attempted in our careers. Each song truly has its own identity, feel, and power. The writing and recordingsessions that fostered this album were truly an emotional and magical experience for us, creating without boundaries or limitations, and simply goingwhere each day''s musical inspiration led us. Influenced by some of the great classic rock records of our youth, it is an experience unlike anything we''ve previously created. Its time is drawing near for the world to finally hear what is undoubtedly the most daring record of our lives. Evolution is coming. Are you ready?"
Evolutionmakes good on the promise of its title.Disturbed unwaveringly cling to the uncompromising spirit that solidified them as a history-making force, while boldly progressing at the same time. Reteaming withImmortalized producerKevin Churkobehind the boardat the Hideout in Las Vegas, the musicians-David Draiman[vocals],Dan Donegan[guitar],Mike Wengren[drums], andJohn Moyer[bass]-retain their signature thunderous grooves and hypnotic heaviness as they further refine their ambitious melodies and penchant for progression, spanning the gamut of theirpotential.

Track Listings

1 Are You Ready
2 No More
3 A Reason to Fight
4 In Another Time
5 Stronger on Your Own
6 Hold on to Memories
7 Saviour of Nothing
8 Watch You Burn
9 The Best Ones Lie
10 Already Gone

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